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Monday, March 5, 2012

Sub Zero Temps

While putting together Andrei's 2 year old video, I came across this picture we had taken while in Krasnoyarsk.  Nearly half of our stay involved days of -20 to -32; we would watch the weather for days near zero and plan multi-block walking for those! They had one warm up of a big 27 degrees while we were there.  HEAVEN ARRIVED THAT DAY!!  I noticed it was -2 in Kras yesterday; a warm up from their -30 of two weeks ago.   Our translator had told us that the school kids go as long as the temps are -34 and above.  Once it gets -35, school is cancelled for the day. (Or something like that. had to be unbelievably cold for a holiday!)  I am quite jealous of those who got to take their trips during the summer months!!
This is a picture of the door to our apartment complex building.  This is the interior side.  We could always tell how cold it was each morning by the size of the ice crystals.  I had always been a bit nostalgic about going to Russia in the winter, but seriously, I have never, ever felt anything that cold before.


Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

Frigid. . .our two trips were in the cold, too. Although, it was spring time when we got back to Moscow on Trip 2! That was kind of nice. . .blowing and drifing snow constantly the rest of the time. . .

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