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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Entering the 21st Century--Literally

It's been so long since I've posted anything that I realized that I've never finished Tiling Saga Part II. At one time it was a hilarious story. Six weeks later I'm not so sure, but I will write about it--soon. I know--it's more than my faithful few blog readers can handle at the moment--:)

For those of you tuning into today, I bring you our latest and greatest 21st century updates of the new year. (I'm not counting anything from my house by the way...Our 1990s couch still stands here--not so proudly anymore--but it still stands.)

First up: 1998 model:
2011 model:

We drive our vehicles around here until the wheels fall off.  That's all fine with me because it awesome not having a car payment.  However, with 3 children, it was getting VERY crowded in there.  Trust me when I say the three children were packed in the second row like sardines.  Then, over Christmas, the transmission went out while we were in Angel Fire, NM.  We towed it home, and three days later bought the Enclave.  I though surely three rows would be enough--but they can still manage to touch each other.  I'm thinking about one of those little yellow school buses.  Boy in the back, Big Girl somewhere in the vicinity of the middle, and Baby Girl right behind me, the Driver.  And just like the real school bus, you fight--you lose riding privileges and have to hoof it for a week.
Anybody need a Jeep Grand Cherokee with a brand spanking new transmission?????
Second up--From this:
To this:
Oh yeah, my cell phone has little pictures all over it.  I'm not sure how old the old Nokia is, but it was a hand me down from my husband, and I know he had it way before Annsley was born, so I'm thinking late 1990s. 
In case you're wondering where you can get one, you can't unless you try your local antique dealer.  The cashier in Walmart the other day saw my phone and said, "Gee, I haven't seen one of those in a long, long time." 
The only real, pressing reason we've decided to update our mobile technology is based on Doug's phone.  When he first bought it, it was the very first "smart" phone of the day.  Don't get too excited here either.  It was a military grade flip phone, but it did stuff that his Nokia could only dream about.  It used to get a lot of respect out in the world--not so much anymore.  The last time it broke, the guy had to order the part from Hong Kong and told him if it broke again to not bring it back.  The little flipper thing is getting loose again and his phone makes an odd crackling noise when he talks, so we thought we'd better do something fast before he loses his 1 million contacts he has stored on his phone. 
I thought I'd try to turn our old phones into the companies who buy back used cell phones. 
They don't even have ours in their systems. 
Until I can figure out how to turn on my ringer so I can hear it, I probably won't pick up on my highly intellectual phone.  It vibrates all day long, but I can't seem to figure out how to turn the ringer on. 
I need a manual. 
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