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My little firecracker!  She is her daddy all over.  She is the first child up in the morning.  Upon wakening, her 5 year old motor is already warmed up.  Her curly hair fits her personality, and she has the most beautiful smile in the world.  Whenever music is playing, she can’t help but “get her boogy on!”  She loves bling, new clothes (even if they are just new to her), shoes, and she notices every time you have had a haircut.  Cleaning up her room is detestable to her, and she has decided lately that she doesn’t like cherries.  Next week she’ll be on to something else.  She loves to make mud pies in the back yard, but she can’t stand her clothes to be wet or dirty.  And she often just asks me to hold and rock her in the middle of the day.  Of course I oblige!   She has a magnetic personality, and I know that God will be using her mightily.

Photo taken by Kendra Neie Photography


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