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Sunday, September 30, 2012

There's a Chicken in My Hair!

Kennedi had some hair from her cowlic standing up one morning, and I said, "Let me wet that.  You've got a rooster."  A few days later I fixed her hair and walked out of the bathroom. Later when she showed up at the breakfast table, her hair was wet.  Really wet.  "What happened?  I asked.  "I had one of those chickens,"  she said. 

Here is a picture of Miss America .  No, I do not dress her for school in such scandalous clothing. She ditches her shirts the second she walks in the door from school in favor of her sleeveless shirts because she is hot.  You are also viewing our lovely kitchen floor.  We ripped up the carpet that was in the kitchen and bathrooms.  Can you say "Spilled Milk???" Who ever thought carpet in the kitchen would be a cool thing??? We're counting down the days until we can have tile put down.  

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Diary of a Potty Trainer

Yesterday morning began with this:
Yes, big boy underwear (Cars)--I have hard time not calling them panties which highly annoys my husband, a new potty chair which got rave reviews from parents on Amazon, 7-UP and juice for "Peach Fizzies" so the child will drink and drink and drink and get lots of practice, Skittles for rewards, and Potty Power DVD for education.

Our morning didn't get started until 9:30 because I just had to wait until he pooped in the next to last diaper we had in the house.  I was not going to start potty training and have to clean THAT mess up on day 1. 

9:35~Started Potty Power.  (If you haven't seen it, it is really well done.  Annsley LOVED it.  She requested it all the time.  She'd run around the house with her little fist thrust into the air yelling "Potty Power!" 

10:00~Potty Power is over.  I just know my brain child boy is digesting the information he has just heard.  I take him to the table to look at the array of goodies awaiting him.  He chooses his first pair of underwear to put on.  He wants to try out his potty chair.  Good.  We'll go do it.

10:05~He sits on the potty chair.  Chats up a storm about potty.  I say, "You're such a big boy."  He says, "No, Baby."  Not what I was going for. 45 seconds later he wants to pull up his underwear. 

10:06~Begin cleaning up the mess from the 7-UP that bubbled out of his sippy cup.  I forgot about the "effervescence" since my kids hardly drink anything but water and milk.  I hand Andrei his new drink and have him try it.  I am proud.  The girls loved downing their full strength juice mixed with 7-UP.  Andrei takes one sip and says, "Milk. Nasty!"  It's going to be a long morning.

10:15~We head to the potty for our first real training on the seat.  He sits.  Nothing.  3 minutes and he's finished.  We head back to the living room for some more drink.  He finally sucks down his first Peach Fizz drink.  Now I wait.  I ask him if he wants to watch Potty Power again.  For reinforcement.  He says no. 

10:16~ Accident #1.  No Skittles.  Sorry.  You have to tee-tee in the potty chair. 

10:18~Sippy cup #2 started. 

10:30~Back to the potty chair for a try.  Nothing.  He prefers try out different sitting positions.  I am concerned because unless he is sitting straight ahead, there is going to be a mess all over the floor.  I grab some books to divert his attention forward.

10:31~Reading books encourages him to lean all the way forward to get a good view.  Now his hiney is shining in the air. 

10:33~Head back to living room.  Drink some more. 

10:34~Accident #2 but this time we rush to the bathroom and sit on the potty chair.  He manages to dribble out a teaspoon into the chair.  I call that a success.  2 Skittles coming up. 

10:40~More drink. 

10:55~I make the decision to move the potty chair to the living room.  We'll just stay contained in one area. 

10:56~He wants to sit on the potty.  He sits.  He spins.  Now the potty chair is on carpet--our lovely purple carpet.  Hmm.... Finally he reaches success, but there are dribbles all down the side of the potty chair.  Yikes! We are needing a high sided, front and back potty chair. More Skittles handed out. 

11:01~More drink offered but he refuses.  I decide to bring out the picnic water repellent sheet and put the potty chair on it.  I offer to turn on Word World and he can sit on the potty chair and watch.  I'm hoping that might make him sit still should the urge arise. 

11:30 Word World over.  Barney is coming up.  I hate Barney. 

11:45~Success again.  This time alot of urine is in the potty chair.  And there is some outside of the potty chair as well.  Another round of Skittles. 

12:00~Now he is wanting a drink but I hold off.  Nap time is coming and I will put him in a Pull Up and they are not very absorbent. 

12:45~I ask him if he wants to go potty.  He says no.  We try anyway.  Nothing. I know he needs to go as it has been nearly an hour and he's had a lot to drink this morning. I take two Skittles from the package and put them on the fireplace.  Maybe he needs to actually see the reward.  "These are for you when you tee-tee."  Mine? he asks.  Yes--when you tee-tee. 

12:47~He wants to get up.  No Skittles. We head to his room for nap. I absent mindedly pop the two Skittles on the fireplace in my mouth.  He frowns. "My Skittles." 

12:55~Pull-Up (aka Nap Underwear) is on.  I'm exhausted. 

2:45~He has filled his Pull-Up to the brim. 

2:46~I quit.  We'll try again in a few months.  He's about as interested in it as a dead salamander.  It was so much easier with my girls.  Kennedi had zero accidents on day one.  Annsley had only one and then never again.  I'll wait until he's closer to 3. 

3:05~We head to Family Dollar to buy diapers. 
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