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Monday, March 19, 2012

The Full Wrapper

Since it is not the custom in Easter Europe to circumcise, we, of course, brought home a little boy with 'a chocolate kiss with a full wrapper,' to quote his father.I have no idea where Doug came up with that, but nevertheless, he has referred to his uncircumcised body part as a full wrapper for the last year.

We had been debating on whether to have him circumcised for nearly a year after asking our pediatrician about it upon bringing him home. She said he'd have to be two before anything was done about it anyway, so we've had a year to debate both sides.  I don't know if that is just her philosophy or the urologist's or what to delay the possibility until he was two, but I had decided that I'd defer to Doug on that decision as I don't have that part on my body.  Doug visited with several of his friends who had to have a circ later in life for various health related reasons.  I didn't visit with them myself, but I can say I don't think that could have been very fun.  I just kept thinking about Abraham and a big, sharp rock. We live in a part of the country where circumcism is the norm still, and after discussing the pros and cons with our pediatrician at his 2 year check up, Doug opted for it and scheduled the consult with the referred urologist. 

Our urologist is a character to say the least.  He's highly recommended by our pediatrician, and I've heard wonderful things about him through others.  He's an older guy with a sense of humor, and quite frankly, I seem to like older doctors better.  They are so much more laid back.  They've seen it all. We were sitting in his office earlier in the week discussing the surgery.  He was telling us that Andrei would be under anesthesia...they'd put a little mask on him, and after about 4 breaths Andrei would be out.  When he said that, this urologist makes a whistling noise and with his hand bangs it down on his desk like a tree being chopped.  Then he says, "And the anesthesiologist and I make sure we don't get too close to the mask or we'll..." and he makes the whistling noise and drops his hand to the desk again. 

He then asks if we have any more questions.  We don't, and then he says giddily, "Oh, this is going to be so much fun!"  I'm thinking, for whom?? He takes us up front to his receptionist and is giving her the details of our surgery appointment.  He turns around and as he passes by me, he pats me on the shoulder, and says, "Oh this is going to be fun! So fun!"  At least we know that he seems to enjoy his life's work...

We were at the day surgery Friday morning at 6:00.  I got Andrei dressed in his manly peach colored hospital gown and pants.  He hated his pants for some reason.  He kept pulling them at his ankles and repeating, "Ahhh, Ahhh" (Off, off).  I, too, agreed with his sentiments about the peach color.  Really, it's a color that only looks good on a peach.

Long story short, he did great and has continued to do so. We were on our way home within 1 hour of his surgery.  Other than Kennedi skipping around the house singing, "Andrei, I'm sorry your pee-pee hurts," we're pretty much back to normal around here. We're just thanking God for His supernatural speed in healing!


Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

I think you'll be glad to have that done. Aidan was closing in on 2 1/2 when it was done. He was sore for a couple of weeks--make sure to use vaseline on it each time you change him!--but then recovered really fast. No memory, of course, now of that happening. And we don't have to worry about making sure it is clean inside!

Speedy recovery Andrei!!

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