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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Little Red Pen

Annsley and I checked out this super cool book from the library the other day. She absolutely was enthralled by it.  (We're working on Fancy Nancy words---can you tell?)  It's about the thrills and skills of grading papers that mirrors the "Little Red Hen" story and Toy Story movie. By the way, have I told you how much I love libraries? I should have been a librarian.  I was such a geek growing up.  I'd spend hours at a time during the summers at my hometown's tiny library.  What kind of junior high kid takes great pleasure in walking to the library just to browse or check out my favorite book yet again?  I needed therapy even then.   And imagine my glee when I first stepped into my college library! (You mean you have a separate floor for just the microfilm????) I'm sure I asked the assistant librarian, "Is this heaven?"  I'm sure she looked over her out of date at the time wire rim glasses and scowled, "No, it's Northwestern."  (Yes, I borrowed from one of my favorite movies, Field of Dreams.)

(Get back on track, Shelly.) 

This is the cutest book.  Maybe I'm partial because I am an ex-English teacher, but it is loaded with teachable material.  Personification...character analyzation...cause and effect...fantastic and contrast... Houghton Mifflin even has a great resource kit available.  Even if you're not into the schooling thing, it is a precious book. 

(Disclaimer:  I write for pure fun on this blog.  I take off my English teacher hat, but I know when I have a big, fat run-on sentence or dangling participle.  I just don't care to fix the sloppy at this time...)


Lindsey said...

I didn't know you were an English teacher!!! I am an English nerd extraordinaire. I would have been an English teacher if God hadn't stepped in with these two babies of mine. Wow...the things you learn.

sonflowerjax said...

Can't wait to read this book, and perhaps share it w my 4th graders!!! :-)

Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

I knew I liked you. . .I have a degree in History AND English!!! And I love libraries. . .all of them!!! College libraries are really cool though,aren't they?? Come visit and I'll take you to the Library of Congress! I am shameless. . .

By the way, this book sounds awesome!

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