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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Look Who's Two!!

Our little Russian blessing turned two Sunday!! We had his birthday party on Saturday, and in honor of our Siberian Birthday Boy, snow fell the morning of his party. Since we had gotten the girls their own "highchair" cake for their first birthdays, I was leaning towards doing the same for Andrei.  A one year old maybe...maybe....eats a few bites or licks his fingers.  I have been able to watch Andrei with cake before, and that boy can put it away.  He's like his momma.  Birthday Cake or bust!  So, picturing Andrei devouring the ENTIRE little cake, me not thinking that is the best thing for his little body, listening to him scream when I take it away after he eats half of it, and then having to endure all the grandmas sympathizing with my screaming toddler, I opted for cupcakes instead.  As I predicted, he scarfed it down in nothing flat. 
2 Year Old Barnyard Bash! Thank You Fisher Price Farm Set for your support in this endeavor!

My attempt at Gum Paste animals...In case you can't decipher my little critters, you're looking at a pig who forgot the sunscreen, a cow in need of a stair stepper, and a slightly gene damaged sheep.

After 1001 pictures, give it a rest!!

Trying to light his own candles.

And yes, he did blow them out all on his own!!

Not bad.  Not bad at all...

60 seconds later, it's all gone!

The Party Goers

Gift Aftermath!


Keri said...

Look at that big 2-year old!!! Such a great day celebrating Andre!!!

Kristin said...

Wish we could have been there! Happy birthday Mr. Andrei! We love you and are so blessed you are a part of our family!

Mary Ann said...

Andrei is thriving in his family! He is such a handsome fellow. You have some amazing adventures ahead, Shelly.

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