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Monday, February 13, 2012

According to Kennedi

Kennedi was by herself at the table the other day eating a snack.  Out of the blue, she turns around to me and says, "If you go to the sticks, you have to have breadcrumbs." 

Huh???? I asked, "What did you say?"

She repeats, "If you go to the sticks, you have to have breadcrumbs." 

I ask, "What are sticks?"

Kennedi says, "You know, those pointy things with prickly branches."

Okay....I'm still not up and running with this conversation.  "Why do you need breadcrumbs?

Very matter of factly she answers, "So the witch will not follow us.  It's wild in the sticks with witches, bears, and snakes!"

Call me slow, but I'm still not following.  Maybe you are at this point.  The whole "sticks" thing has me a bit confused.  "How do breadcrumbs help you?"  I'm thinking that if you have a trail of breadcrumbs, the witches, bears, and snakes CAN follow you. 

Kennedi says, "They help us get out of the sticks."

"How is that?"

She is becoming animated as she becomes frustrated at her mother's obvious shortcomings. With her little fingers gathered in a fist, she emphasizes, "Because the birds come.  They help us get out!"  (Gee Mom,  why aren't you getting it???!!! How much plainer do I have to make it?)

I'm still not up to speed.  "How do the birds help?"

"MOM! They eat the breadcrumbs, so the witch will not follow us!!!!" I think I'm following.  It's some kind of rendition of Hansel and Gretel??? I don't remember reading the story to her.  Ever.  "Where did you hear about these sticks Kennedi?"

She is aghast at my ignorance.  Again, her fists are pumping up and down.  "On my V-Reader!" 

At this point I'm thinking this is too good of a story to forget, and I grab a sheet of paper and start taking notes about our conversation.  She looks at me and asks, "Are you making a stick list? Make sure and put down it's wild in the sticks!....Are you putting that down??"

Now she realizes she might live in epiphany and begins to retell the entire tale again.  Upon the second reading, I finally get it.  The sticks are the forest trees.  The breadcrumbs help you get out of the forest, but you have to call for the birds to come eat the breadcrumbs or the witches, bears, and snakes will be able to follow you. 

Only through the eyes of a 5 year old!


Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

LOL!!! Aidan never noticed our trees until this past fall while we were reading a Halloween book. We now have witch trees (winter leaf denuded trees) that line our streets. Scary witch trees. Dang Halloween books! : ) I'll have to tell him about the breadcrumbs. . .

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