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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Growing Boy!

Andrei had his 2 year well visit Monday morning.  He's now 35" tall and 29.7 pounds.  He's jumped from the 25% in weight to the 75% and has moved from the 50% in height to the 75%!  I think he's gonna be a big un! His head is still small; probably always will be our pediatrician said, but she wasn't concerned about it.  He was on track with all the developmental questions.  Yea!

I got out the girls' baby books to compare, and he's 2 inches taller and 5 pounds heavier than Annsley was at 2; he's only an inch behind Kennedi but weighs 3 pounds more than she did.  Not bad for a boy who got his start in a Russian orphanage! We are fixing to have to move to size 5 diapers as we're experiencing blow-outs and lots of leaks lately.  I've never bought size 5 diapers.  My girls were potty trained while still in 4s.  There are not as many diapers in a size 5 box.  A LOT less in fact.  Potty training is looming on the horizon--I can just feel it!

I made a short video of Andrei's year with us and put it up on our adoption blog.  Click HERE to check it out!


Randy, Denise, Camden Denson said...

ha! Gotta love size 5 diapers! Andrei weighs as much as Camden. My big little man is a skinny mini!

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