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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Can You Bottle Grandmas' Power?

I am constantly amazed at what our children's grandmothers can get our little darlings to do that Doug and I can't.  I've been trying to wash Kennedi's "White-White" (her white blanket--actually the term white is relative--) and "Puppy" (her nasty looking little stuffed Schnauzer with scratched up plastic eyes and super glued nose).  I have had no trouble in the past washing them until recently.  She watched Andrei throw a most ungodly temper tantrum when I washed his Taggie the other day, and since then she has refused to let me wash her loveys. 

Enter Gram, my mother.

Kennedi spent the night with Gram yesterday all by herself.  She's a totally different child when she's not competing with her older sister, and Annsley thoroughly enjoyed having her parents to herself  yesterday afternoon and last night.  Today Kennedi was unpacking her bag from her stay over and as she took "White-White" and "Puppy" out of the bag, she says to me, "Gram washed "White-White and Puppy."

She said it simply matter of factly.  No emotion.  She acted like it was a normal, every day sort of thing.

I said, "Really?"

She nodded and said, "Yes.  "Puppy came out first.  White-White had to so-o-o-a-k." (Heavy emphasis on soak.) 

"Gram soaked White-White?" I asked.

Kennedi says, "Yes.  In chemical.  Gram said "White-White" was too dirty to be in her beds."

No kidding.  White-White looked like he'd been tied to the back of a horse and dragged the distance of the Oregan Trail. 

Then she brings Puppy and White-White to me to inspect.  "See?" she says.  "Don't they smell good?" 

Yes, that was my point exactly, but what do I know???


Lindsey said...

That is hilarious! We experienced a similar situation the other night with Addie's Lambie (the pink lamb she's slept with since birth and still strokes and smells in her sleep). She came out of her room after being put to bed, saying, "Lambie doesn't smell good. She smells like hot dogs right here (pointing to neck) and kale chips everywhere else." Being late, we told her to go to bed with Lambie in her current state and that she would be washed first thing next morning. That was not satisfactory. She insisted that she could not sleep unless Lambie smelled like "strawberries and whipped cream again". We never knew that Lambie was supposed to smell like this, but then understood why kale chips and hot dogs were no comparison to what she has been smelling for the past six years. We put Lambie in the washer right away, sent Addie back to bed again, and returned a clean, strawberry-smelling Lambie to the sleeping Addie 1.5 hours later. David nor I can smell any fruity-ness on Lambie, but Addie promises that she does indeed smell of strawberries and whipped cream when she's clean.

Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

Too funny! But, yes, Tigger gets a weekly bath, whether he needs it or not. . .: ) Thankfully, Tigger no longer collects yucky germs at the Day Care anymore! After all, a guy can't take that sort of thing to Kindergarten! I used to have to soak that thing. And Aidan would throw a fit. But, he was always happy when Tigger came back out of the dryer! Warm and smelling good.

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