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Monday, January 23, 2012

Playing Restaurant

Kennedi loves to play "Restaurant."  She's the waitress/cook/owner of a restuarant, and you are her customer.  Here's how "Restaurant" played out this morning:

Kennedi: (with her pencil, notebook pad, and a towel wrapped around her waist like a real waiter in a fancy restaurant wears) "Hello.  I'm Jessie.  What would you like to eat?"
Me: "I would like a bean burrito."
Kennedi:  (She scrunches up her face and I can tell she's going through her mind the play food she has.)"OK, but do you care if it looks like a hamburger?
Me: "That's a funny looking burrito!"
Kennedi:  (She shrugs) "That's all we have." (Take it or leave it Lady!)
Me:  "All right."
Kennedi: (pointing to Andrei) "What does he want?"
Me:  "I'll order a grilled cheese sandwich for him."
Kennedi: "Uhmmmm....we're out of cheese.  How about taco soup?"
Me: "What do you put in your taco soup?"
Kennedi:  "Corn. We also have chicken noodle soup. (Pressing in) Does he want taco soup?"
Me:  "I think it would be too spicy for him.  What else do you have?"
Kennedi:  "Well, how about chicken nuggets?"
Me:  "That would be great."
Kennedi:  "How many? He can have two or four." (Obviously I won't be ordering seconds around here..)
Me:  "Two would be great."
Kennedi: "What would he like to drink?"
Me: "Milk, but he needs a lid.  Do you have a straw?"
Kennedi:  "How old is he?" (What does that have to do with the price of eggs in China???)
Me:  "He's one."
Kennedi:  "Well, he looks like he's a zero.  I'll bring him a bottle with milk in it. (Because Jessie the waitress knows better than Momma does...) What do you want?"
Me:  "I'll have water."
Kenndi:  "Uhmmmm...we're out of water.  How about lemonade?"
Me:  (Thinking, that's got to be some interesting lemonade) "No, I think it will have too much sugar."
Kennedi: (pinching her index and thumb together) "Well, I put just a little in it.  That's all. Do you want it?" 
Me:  "OK."
Kennedi:  "What do you want for diz-hert?"
Me: " How about a cherry pie?"
Kennedi:  (now volunteering the sugar info) "OK.  I put just a leeetle bit of sugar in it. (She's obviously spent a bit too much time reading Skippy Jon Jones.)  Not very much. Is that OK?
Me: "OK."
Kennedi:   Does Andrei want some pie?"
Me:  "No thank you."
Kennedi:  "OK, I'll be right back."

She brings the doll bottle and my drink back first. Then she heads off to the play kitchen to cook up her concoctions and usually brings back some odd looking  dishes.  Today she drops my "burrito" on the floor as she's cooking it.

ME:  "You dropped it on the floor.  That's kinda nasty don't you think?  The kitchen floor is awfully dirty."
Kennedi:  (obviously not as concerned as I am) "Well, I can rinse it off with water.  Would that be OK?" And without me answering she rinses it off in her play sink. 

When my food (and I say that lightly) was delivered, I said, "Ooooh.  This is the best burrito I've ever had.  How did you make it?"
Kennedi:  "Well, (have you noticed there is a lot of "wells"??) I have a recipe.  I used a leeetle bit of sugar, butter, and brown sugar.  I fry it and then I toss it in the air.  And that's how I make it."

Annsley over hears this and announces a bit too loudly, "That's not a recipe Mom.  You don't make anything out of just sugar and butter." 

Kennedi has learned not to be phased by her older sister's realism.  She shrugs and proudly brings me the now spic and span freshly dampened with play water hamburger bun looking burrito.  Once I got a head of lettuce for my chicken noodle soup.  I asked her about the lettuce, and she said, "It's all we had."  In other words, get over it.  I was charged $2 for today's meal.  Pretty cheap for lunch and darn cheap for making some memories with my precious daughter!


Kristin said...

I love my sweet little nieces!

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