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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Watch Out World...I'm Reading Now!

Annsley has been reading for quite a while now--seriously reading like books and everything!! (to borrow from my daughter's vocabulary), but it seems that she has recently realized that her reading skills serve her well outside a "school" setting. She is starting to take notice of billboards, a list of ingredients, signs, etc. She is truly starting to put her reading skills to work everywhere. The other day she and her father were in the car when she saw a sign that read "Free Kittens."

"Hey Daddy, those kittens are free. They don't cost anything. Can we get one?" 

Or yesterday at the table. I am reading this book:

She looks at the title and says, "Mom, what's this book?"  I said to her, "Read the title." She reads the title and says, "Why are you reading this book?  Is it to get help with Kennedi???"

Uhmmm....yes Dear...and maybe you too! On a side note, Kevin Leman is a hilarious Christian speaker and writer/psychologist.  Check out his materials when you have a chance.


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