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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The dog...

I am amazed at how much dog stuff costs.  This dog costs a lot.  And I haven't even bought a  collar yet. 
We've basically moved her outdoors.  Doug built a dog house for Tiger Lily to live in.  It's insulated.  It's huge.  The puppy, Andrei, Annsley, and Kennedi can all fit inside it.  I was going to opt for the $67 plastic model from Wal-Mart.  I was out voted. 

I was in Pets Mart the other day looking for heavy bowls.  Where we live, the wind turns plastic bowls into flying objects, so we were needing something heavy.  I was shocked at how much a darn dog bowl costs.  The cheap ones....$10.  And you can spend up to $30 on one bowl for Rufus.  I finally found a big ceramic one on clearance for $4.97--regularly $14.  It says "Thirsty" on it.  I bought one for her food bowl as well.  She can't read.  She won't know the difference.

Then, I went to Dollar Tree.  In their pet department, they had ceramic bowls for $1. Granted, they were slightly smaller than the Pets Mart one, but really?? How can you charge $10 for the same thing??  I snatched one for the food.  I'll return the second "Thirsty" bowl to Pets Mart.

She needs training.  Her owners need training.  Cats are so much simpler...

Dog Tired!

The Tiger Lily a la Chateau!  And in OSU orange too!  I think the paint lady at the store had a glitch in her mixing.  October Pumpkin was a dark reddish orange on the paint chip.  Go Cowboys!


Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

Tiger Lily has grown!!!! I wouldn't wait too terribly long for a collar. You want her to get used to it before she grows up too much. The dog house is a great idea. . .wish we'd done that with our dogs. . .less dog hair and slobber to clean up.

Cindy Wilson said...

Very cute dog! And my favorite breed at that. She will be a great dog for your kiddos.

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