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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day Surprise!

OK, so I'm an official blog neglector. I'll try to do better as I just know each and every one of you wait breathlessly every morning to see I've posted some more awesomeness! LOL

My girls celebrated Mother's Day with breakfast in bed for me.  From what I understand, Annsley started planning this a few weeks ago.  I knew something was going on, but no one would tell me anything except there was list of things that needed to be shopped for.  And then Wednesday night Kennedi could bear the secret no longer.

"Mom, we're cooking you breakfast for Mother's Day on Saturday.  Don't tell Annsley that I told you."

Doug has figured out that I now know their big secret and tells me that I'm going to have to stay in bed on Saturday morning.  He'll provide ear plugs.

Friday afternoon Annsley announces that she, Kennedi and Daddy are going shopping for my Mother Day surprise.  I will need to watch Andrei.

Yes, Dear.

The girls are in the car waiting for their Daddy to get in.  Doug has Annsley's handwritten list in his hand.  Without telling me what they are making, I'm trying to help him figure out what they really need to purchase.  It goes something like this.

Doug, "We need Bisquick."
Me, "We have some."  I take it out of the pantry.  It is half full.
Doug, as he looks all over the box for a recipe. "I'll get some more."
Me, "What are you making?"
Doug, "Uhm.. "
Me, "Pancakes?  Unless you're making 55 pancakes, I promise you that there is enough Bisquick."
Doug, "She's got frozen blueberries on the list."
Me, "The fresh ones are on sale. I'd go that route."
Doug, "She wants shortening.  What's that?"
Me, "Are you frying something?"
Doug, "Can we just use butter?"
Me, "What are you making?"
Doug, "It's a surprise."
Me, "Yea, so I've been told."
Doug, "I'm suppose to wake them up in the dark tomorrow.  Where did that come from?"

And the light has come on.  (Figuratively speaking.)  I tell Doug, "Oh man!  This has all come from the Berenstain Bear books.  The kids and Papa cooked Momma a Mother's Day breakfast.  Papa got the kids up while it was still dark to cook.  They made the grocery list.  Went shopping ,cooked--you know..just what you're doing." 

As promised, Doug provided me with ear plugs.  He got the girls up at 6:30, and I surprised myself by actually going back to sleep until 8:30! That in itself was a blessing!  I was served blueberry pancakes, fruit with extra creamy whipped cream on top, bacon, coffee, and Annsley's home made version of Reece's peanut butter cups. 

Later that day I was blindfolded, handed a bat, and told to start swinging.  They made me a homemade pinata.  I'm not sure what they made it out of, but I had blisters trying to break it.  It was a very resilient pinata.  15 minutes later the candy they had stuffed it fell out.  Unfortunately, Doug had let them paint the homemade ball of unwhackable paper mache with about 3 cans of spray paint. 

I ate two Reeces' Peanut Butter cups. (Can you tell it's my fav?)  They tasted like spray paint.  I burped spray paint until the next morning. 

But it's the thought that counts. 

I had an absolutely awesome Mother's Day.  My girls made my day so special, and kuddos to my hubby for helping them make it such a great day!


Randy, Denise, Camden Denson said...

burping spray paint! Oh my too funny!

Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

Sounds like fun! I took Aidan to the ice house for cheese pizza and chocolate milk. . .okay, I had a Sam Adams. . .Pat spent the day with his mom at the hospital. Fun times!! but, we had us some fun last night for Aidan's birthday. That was just as/more important. We're also going to celebrate Aidan's baptism anniversary on Friday! : ) Enjoy the rest of your week!

JennStar said...

How sweet!! And I love the pinata~ What a special surprise~!

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