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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Meet Tiger Lily!

With regards to Meet the Parents movie, I'm all about Robert Dinero's discussion about the supremecy of cats over dogs.  I say a silent "AMEN" after he's finished grinding his future son-in-law about the fallacies of a tail wagging, easy pleasing canine.

We are now dog owners.  I am not a dog person. I haven't had a dog at my house in 30 years.  They smell.  They lick.  This one licks.  This one smells.  But, she is pretty cute.  It is a guilt dog.  My girls (and hubby) have been begging for a dog for years.  Literally.  It was always "after Kennedi is potty trained." Or "after we move." Or "after our adoption because I don't want to go to Russia and have a puppy left here to take care of." Or whatever excuse I could come up with.  Now, 1 1/2 years after Andrei is home, I relented out of guilt of denying my children the experience of dog ownership.

Annsley had been scanning the classifieds almost weekly since February looking for Boxer puppies.  I had been breathing a sigh of relief as there had been none for 4 months.  Then my husband, all by his little ole' self, posts a message on his Facebook page about wanting Boxer puppies.  And here they came.  From all over neighboring counties and states he was flooded with puppies available. 

I was doing quite well.  I just ignored him and all his little messages.  If I waited long enough, they'd all be gone.  And then one of the owners actually called him at work. And then she emailed pictures. 

I was toast. 

So, Sunday afternoon he and Annsley drive 45 miles to check them out.  Annsley only wanted a female because "we have enough boys around here."  The only females this owner had left were brindles, and Annsley only wanted a fawn.  But I knew she and Doug would leave with a dog--brindle or not.  And they did. 

Kennedi and I went shopping Sunday afternoon for dog bowls, food, bedding, and the all important chew toys.  Doug has been given his directive by our 7 year old to construct the dog house this weekend. 

She brings grief to Andrei though.  She loves his Tag blanket and constantly tries to carry it off. She also tries to pull down his shorts.  And any time he's bending over, she tries to climb on his back.  Andrei has a true love-hate relationship with Tiger Lily.

So now our days are spent house training, redirecting her couch gnawing to a chew toy, and waiting for her wake up from her puppy napping to play.  She has puppy breath. She smells like Dog. But I have a feeling she'll grow on me. 

Tiger Lily

Enjoying eating the stuffed rabbit someone left lying around.

A short lived smile as Tiger Lily grabs for Tag.
Stirring the stick!

Reading stories to her dog.


Randy, Denise, Camden Denson said...

too cute! We will be in that boat soon, Camden is begging for a dog!

Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

Yeah. We have two smelly licking things. . .Aidan loves them! Maggie and Mosby are 90 pound Golden Retrievers. . .each. . .Yes, that's 180 pounds of dog in my house! I can't get rid of my carpet fast enough!! They shed and leave hair piles everywhere. And yet, when I look into their chocolate brown eyes, I see this total unconditional love and "won't you just love me?" look. Melts me everytime.

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