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Monday, October 31, 2011

Picture Post!

I'm cleaning out some 800 pictures off my memory stick, so here's a little show and tell about our comings and goings for the last few months.  Enjoy!

Andrei lovin' his first corn on the cob!

Andrei thinking he's big stuff getting a ride in the jeep!
  Scenes from the Tri State Fair:

Daisy the milk cow

Watching Daisy the milk cow get milked.

Kennedi helping out the lady from the Farm Bureau kids' show.

Annsley realizing that her daddy is about to beat her.  (Please note her father's gleeful sad, so sad)
 Scenes from the Corn Fun Farm:
Navigating the ropes through the corn maze

Annsely on the zip line.

Doug re-living his ice slide in Krasnoyarsk...

Loving the slide through the "mountain"

Is it ever going to end???
Kennedi on the zip line.

Doug sporting some fine looking attire:
Free ride in the wheelbarrow with the guy in the wife beater t-shirt.  (Doug knows I HATE those shirts...What girl wants to look at arm pit hairs?? He hadn't worn one in about 18 years...cut this shirt up that day  I guess in a fit of has since made its way into my cleaning cabinet.)


Eric and Kathryn said...

Ha! Fun pictures! Thanks for sharing!

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