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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

One room finally down!

I can say we have one room completely finished to date: the kids' bathroom.  I can't tell you how awesome it is to spend time in there! LOL I will often just take my cup of coffee in there and sit on the vanity and just relax.  There isn't sheetrock dust, cement foundation floor, or paint cans to look at in there.  What a way to relax!  Let me just say, I have no idea how people stay sane with remodeling projects that go on for years!

My dad came over and helped us lay the tile in the bathroom.  Andrei saw him with his measuring tape out, so he runs to find his.  He about knocked me down getting back to the bathroom.  "I gotta help Gan-pa!" he says as he shoves me out of his way.  He's VERY aggressive when he thinks he needs to be "helping". 

Here are some before and after pictures of our bathroom.

Before with striped wall paper and border and purple carpet.

Nice Hollywood light fixture with brass detailing and rusted squeaky towel bars.

New light fixture.  Found an awesome website for lighting fixtures.  To find one that was as long as I needed, I was looking at spending over $100 easily.  Scored this one for $30! Got our dining area chandelier for only $42!

A little vinyl lettering.  (Not too much fun to put up since our walls are textured...but it looks great!)

Awesome looking tile floors, new drawer and cabinet pulls, and plenty of monkey stuff!

Yes, I got out my sewing maching and made the valance.  Just call me Susy Homemaker! Just don't look too closely at my less than straight stitching...hmmmmm I did not make the shower curtain!

Moved the light switch.  Our wires are covered at the time of this writing.  I'm just excited that everyone has a place to put their towels now.  Bathroom hardware is SEROUISLY underrated!!!

When we moved the door, palm tree #2 was chopped down (literally), so this was painted in its place.

Annsley made me turn her into a girl snake--with eyelashes!


Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

Love it!! You all have been busy. . .and I can see why you would want to spend time relaxing in there! As Aidan says, chilaxin'!

Andrei is adorable. Don't worry. He'll be huge like Aidan too! : )

As for the fear stuff. . .saw several people posting articles on a few of the facebook sites about how the Russian government was considering trying to get all of the children back. Like we would let them!!! I realize now how rediculous that is, but I couldn't help having my heart stutter a bit. . .especially since that was the day after I sent Aidan's passport and birth certificate to them to have the passport renewed. : ( but I have his US passport, Virginia birth certificate and all of the other vital docs so I'm good now.

Happy Renovating!!!

Randy, Denise, Camden and Dasha Denson said...

Looking good!

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