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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Boy Toy Intervention

Andrei has lots of boy toys thanks to the Christmas explosion he received.  It's a good thing, too.  He was getting a bit girly-fied.  (Is that a word??) One of the things he got was a Step 2 Work Bench.  We have the Step 2 Kitchen, and he has used it plenty to cook.  The work bench is very similar to the girls' kitchen.  He was sick Christmas morning when Doug put it together, and then we left for the mountains for a few days, and then we were busy looking for a new car (another story for another time), so we hadn't had a lot of time to show him how to play with it. 

I decided Monday after the girls went back to school that I'd show him how to use it.  The intervention couldn't have come too soon. 

As I was showing him how to work his new drill, he opens the pull down door at the bottom of the work bench.  "Oh, no! My screws are burning in the oven!" 

I cringe.  Yes, the pull down drawer is exactly like the oven door on the kitchen, but it's not the kitchen.  "Andrei, this is not an oven.  This is a..." (I'm searching for manly words to call this thing and the best I can come up with is drawer.  Weak I know. Where is his father when I need him??) "It's a drawer for your tools.  See?" and I put his wrench in there. 

Not two seconds later he says, "Mom, here's my frigerator!" and he opens the door gleefully.

Good grief.  Seriously. 

The work bench has a door just like the refrigerator on the kitchen except this one has a sticker that makes it looks like metal. 

"Andrei, that's not a refrigerator.  That is a... (again searching for manly words...) tool cabinet."

He's unimpressed.  He shrugs his shoulders and goes back to stripping the screws with his motorized drill.

He loves trucks, trains, tools, and spitting.  He's manly man-- sort of--with a softer side--every girl's dream! He certainly will be comfortable with a vacuum. 

(I'd show you a picture, but Blogger is having some sort of difficulties with uploading certain photos.  Maybe later!)


Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

Aidan used to love to clean. . .sadly, he grew out of it. I wish I had exploited that love more!! : )

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