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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fast summer update

Back from the dead temporarily at least...maybe once fall arrives, I'll become inspired. 

Kennedi turned 6 in July.  Annsley spends hours (literally) reading books every day--something that her father does not understand or can relate to. 

And Andrei was using the toilet water this morning to brush his teeth.  Lovely. 

In other news, we are moving.  To a little bitty town.  So little that mail is not delivered to your house we have learned.  We have to get a PO Box.  I have already decided that I shall train Annsley to go in and get our mail.  I just hope we don't get a box on the top row where she can't reach it.  That would mean a rethinking of my brilliant "stay in the car with the little hooligans" plan while big sister acts as Moma's gopher.  We drove by the grocery store the other day.  Annsley takes one look at it and says, "Now Mom, if we have serious grocery shopping to do, we will drive to Big A, right?" She's obviously concerned about the neighborhood Thriftway offering only two types of cereal. 

We close on our new house in two weeks. There were only 12 houses for sale total in this little town (and from what I understand that number is unheard of.)  It seems that almost everyone who lives there loves it and never leaves.  As a result, very few houses are for sale, and while there are some very nice homes, the ones which were available while we were on the look were grandma and grandpa's house that the older children were selling--houses that were still in a 1960 time warp from the people who loved living there and never left.  We are blessed in the fact that we were able to purchase this house as it only has wall to wall mauve carpeting (literally--every square inch of the house--kitchen included) and blue Waverly wall paper.  I'm thinking that my 1990s couches will go absolutely beautifully with it.  And the oven doesn't look like something out of an I Dream of Jeannie rerun. All cosmetic which can be changed easily.  And the best part--all my children will have separate rooms.  I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about that!!!!

Everyone we have talked to has only great things to say about the town, and we are ready to see what all the "hub-bub" is about! For me personally, I'm excited about getting back to a small town--where my kids can walk around at night, and I don't have to hear traffic in my backyard.  Whoo Hoo!


Lindsey said...

How exciting! We are trying to move to an itty bitty town as well. The name of ours starts with an F. I'm assuming the name of your new town starts with a P, but that's a guess.

Randy, Denise, Camden Denson said...

Ooh, if it is a P, then I know where you are moving to! Congrats on the move though! Hey, if you are on FB look up Russian Adoptive moms, then we can connect over FB and there are already over 600 Russian mommies!

Shelly said...

Good guesses Ladies! Lindsey, congrats on all your changes! We'll need to get together in B town! Denise, thanks for the FB tip. I'll get over there and check it out. I'm also impressed that you figured out our little town. Are you from this area or something??

Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

I work in a little town that sounds like where you are moving. They are really fun! Love small towns. . .Congratulations on the move. Hope all goes smoothly for you all and that the cosmetics are easy to handle.

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