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Monday, April 2, 2012


My husband often forgets that his comments can quickly become fodder for my blog.  Last night was no exception.  He was looking at the pictures I had posted of Andrei running his trucks all over the house and yard.

"Oh wow! Look at that Z-Line!" he said.

"What?" I asked. 

"Andrei's got perfect form.  Look at that!" 

I'm not following.  Neither am I seeing this Z-line.  Doug points to the picture and shows me his level back and as Andrei is lifting his knee, he is creating a Z. 


"Now in this one," Doug begins critiquing, "he's in an L.  That's not good."

"Really?"  I thought he was just driving a Tonka truck.  Obviously there is more at stake.

Doug continues, "Oh, this one is perfect technique. You can't teach that."  Then, I see a funny glaze come into my husband's eyes.  "Look out Baby!  OL is coming!"

Now the light bulb is on.  Football.  Offensive Lineman.  Proud Daddy.  Ex-coach. 


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