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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


We headed to McKinney, Texas for Thanksgiving this year.  My dad's family has met there ever since I can remember, and it's an awesome time. (It has to be--we all keep coming back!) Now that we all have children and grandchildren, there are quite a few of us--46 were there this year (We had 4 people who were missing?? Maybe??)!  We just keep breeding and breeding! :) We ate on the driveway this year.  It's happened before--usually due to warm, nice Dallas weather.  This year it was a necessity.  You'll notice we all had jackets on. It was suppose to be 70.  NOT! The weatherman missed it.  Thank you Uncle John and Aunt Patty for a blessed holiday once again! Annsley hasn't stopped talking about how much fun she had!
Having so much fun in the car I could spit!

Solving the world's problems...

A portion of our feast!

A portion of our crowd...

Playing football or some resemblance of it on the front lawn.

Waiting for fire!  The rain put a slight delay in the makings of hot dogs!

Andrei roasting a marshmellow with his Aunt Patty.  And yes, he enjoyed the smores.  (Annsley told me she had 6 of them!)

I never would have thought a hammock could be so captivating!

Fun times with cousins in the "play room!"


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