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Thursday, July 14, 2011

21 Years Ago...

My mother-in-law gave me a wonderful birthday present this year when she transferred all our wedding VHS tapes to DVDs for us. I hadn’t watched them in over 10 years, and Annsley was chomping at the bit to watch them, so the girls and I sat down one morning last week and watched the 21 year old nuptials.

Here are a few of my observations:

(1) A lot of people have died. You don’t really think about it as funerals go by, but when you look back at a 20 year span–WOW!

(2) OK, it was 1990, but obviously the 80s big hair was still in. No, I didn’t go with a beautiful, sophisticated updo with wispy romantic ringlets draping my heavily blushed cheeks. No, I chose the “big is bad” hair. Actually, I think I went with monster hair. I remember being in the beauty salon that morning, and we broke out the industrail hot rollers. All 105 were rolled up on my head. Well, maybe not 105…maybe only 90, but I was fluffy nevertheless. My hair was so volumtious that a 747 could have parked on either side of my ears. And let us not forget the hairspray. I believe I had enough on that it would stop a bird in mid-flight that day.

(3) To my bridesmaids, I apologize profusely for dressing you up in that taffeta non-flattering dress with little bird wing looking sleeves. Please understand that dress was not my first choice. It wasn’t even my 100th choice. When you plan your wedding in 8 weeks, the store can only offer you a few dresses on the express order form. I had three to choose from. What you were wearing was the best out of the three. As far as the color goes, pink was not my first choice. Again, to get these dresses in less than 6 weeks, I got to choose from four lovely colors: pink, forest green, burgundy, and pale blue. I could have dressed you like a pine tree, a wine cellar, a robin’s egg, or a stick of cotton candy. Being partial to sweets, I chose the latter.

(4) To the entire wedding party, I apologize for not letting you know ahead of time that you would be driven down mainstreet in route to the reception in a mule drawn wagon. Really, I didn’t know a thing about it. I thought Doug and I were going to be the only ones getting a ride. But, the expressions you had on your face when you walked out of the church and the realization that your “ride” was waiting for you was priceless!

(5) To the ladies who danced with my husband, I apologize on his behalf. 21 years ago, Jesus was a far cry in our lives, and to say that we had a party at our reception is really an understatement. As the evening wears on, it is clear that Dougy is getting more and more animated with his dance techniques–raising his knees as high as his belly button, elbows flailing wildly, and taking fee-fi-fo-fum giant dance steps. I roll every time I’ve ever watched our video. Kasey, bless your little 10 year old heart. You did a bang up job trying to keep up with your new brother-in-law. Kristin, I seriously don’t see how he didn’t take off your head. He had you in some kind of crude head lock during what I think was supposed to be the 2-step. How were your in-grown toenails after that? Just asking as I noticed his big feet on top of yours quite a bit…To the rest of you ladies, whatever you paid, I think you paid too much to dance with him that night!

(6) We looked so young. Little puppies not knowing a thing…

(7) I still love my husband!


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